[ Mission ]

The Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes of CNR has based his research project on the need felt by the man to understand the "global change" environment and climate, at different spatial scales, its effects on the territory , its evolution over time and the possible "remedies".

In recent years it has been a growing awareness that environmental changes, are related to the natural dynamics of the planet, and influenced, if not determined, by human behavior, which affect significantly on the social and economic aspects.

The Institute was established experimentally, by decree of the President, on 18 April 2001. It was later confirmed by the resolution of the Administration Board on 17 September 2002. The constitutive act was signed on 16/03/2009. The Istituto born by the merging of the Centre for Study of Chemistry and Technology of Environment of Venice (CSCTA), the Centre for the Study of Geodynamics Alpina Quaternary of Milan (CSGAQ) and a group of staff of the Institute for Research on Seismic Risk of Milan (IRRS), which before was merged in the CSGAQ. The new institute was established with headquarters in Venice and with a section in Milan. Subsequently, after considering the requests, the Director, after consulting the Committee of the Institute, by decree, created the detached unit of Padua.

Currently, the Institute has its Headquarters in Venice, and Secondary Headquarters in Milan and Padua.